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Machine Maintenance & Rebuilds


Raptor Industrial Services specializes in the repair, rebuild and maintenance of equipment with gears, bearings, drives, solenoids, motors, actuators, augers & conveyors.  

Preventive Maintenance

We work with our customers to develop preventive maintenance and repair plans. Scheduled maintenance keeps your equipment running. Stop failures before they happen and ensure your equipment is running safely and efficiently. Avoid untimely outages and the added expense that goes with it

Shop Equipment

We rebuild and repair most machine shop, tool room, and wood shop equipment. We provide on-site services, parts, and rebuild services for mills, lathes, drills, saws and more. 

Fluid Handling Equipment

Maintenance services for production equipment including fillers, canners, mixers, pumps, sprayers and more. 

Material Handling Equipment

Maintenance services for material handling and automated production cells including actuators, conveyors, robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics and more

Electronics and Controls

Maintenance, Parts, and Repair services for machine electronics, controls, sensors and instruments. In-situ maintenance and overhaul services available. 

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